Transform Your Outdoor Living Area

Have you picked a favourite spot in the sun in your home’s outdoor living space or even started working on setting up the area? Do not wait until summer comes knocking so that you start. You should start making plans in advance and below are some trends and ideas worth considering for your outdoor living area.

1. Lounging Around

Indoor living spaces are getting smaller and smaller because of the demand to downsize currently being seen in the real estate sector. As such, you can turn to your outdoor living areas for some reprieve turning them into multipurpose extensions of your indoor space. You can achieve this by:

  • Installing some seats along the perimeter of your garden
  • Adding a wall mounted ledge for preparing and serving food and drinks
  • Adding some lounge seating next to the fire pit or around the outdoor coffee table
  • Using wireless connectivity, such as wireless satellite stereo speakers, for your outdoor entertainment
  • Installing ambient lights, such as light strings or lanterns for lighting the gardens in the evenings

2. Bring the Indoors Out

It is possible to bring your indoor style outside. You will have to work with durable, quality materials and fabrics suited for outdoor purposes. Get some outdoor furniture that can resist moisture and have waterproof upholstering as well as rugs. Ceramic tables, decorative lanterns or suitable light fixtures, accent pillows are also other items what adding. Make sure what you work with different colours that compliment or contract each other so that you give the area a pop of colour.

3. Create Outdoor Rooms

Segmenting your outdoor space helps to increase and enhances its functionality, be it a large or small area. You can achieve this by creating several rooms. You can zone the garden to have a play, eating, lounging, and entertainment area based on the available space.

The easiest way to create an outdoor room is using the new outdoor blinds or zipscreens. Particularly zipscreens as they can seal off your alfresco completely, blocking wind, sun, rain and insects.

Outdoor blinds come in a variety of options including manual operation and motorised.

To see a gallery of these outdoor blinds, visit and check out the videos of the motorised patio blinds as well (they are amazing).

Outdoor Blinds

4. Outdoor Kitchens

Besides using the backyard as an entertainment area, most homeowners relish turning their gardens into outdoor cooking areas. It is more fun cooking outside during a beautify evening rather than doing the same indoors in a hot kitchen. You can set the cooking space to be inclusive of an eating area or just have it exclusively for cooking. You can include a grill, outdoor oven, a prep sink, prep counters, a small under-counter fridge, a beverage cooler, or any other kitchen element you fancy having outdoors.

5. Open Up

If you love the idea of having an outdoor kitchen but lack enough room in your backyard for such a setup, then you can opt to open up your kitchen to your yard. You can add a walk-through window or install large sliding doors that open up the entire wall facing the outdoor living area. You can add a new counter with several stools to have a meal prep and serving area.

6. Spaces To Relax

Your outdoor living areas should also serve a place where you can go to stretch and relax as you read a book or enjoy a drink. You can make it look more relaxing by adding:

  • Porch swing
  • Yoga platform
  • Hammock
  • Add water feature to set the mood
  • Daybed
  • Comfy seats such as a lounge chair and ottoman

7. Lose the Lawn

Water is a necessary element in having a lush-green backyard. However, water shortages can make this hard when trying to maintain that green lawn or garden. Therefore, it would be wise to consider doing some landscaping and with a keen focus on hardscaping. The ‘green’ element of the outdoors should still be evident hence the need to include some green accents.

Think along the lines of stones, decking, a patio, steps, pavers plant, and pots. Everything should add an unusual shape, detailing, and texture to your backyard. You can do one or two terraces, introduce pathways and steps with plants on the borders that are a mix of the leafy greens and the colourful bloomers. Sculptural flora is also an excellent way of transforming and accentuating the existing lawn in your outdoor living space.

8. Add A Pergola Or Pavilion

A semi-enclosed space is a way of adding a bit of privacy to your otherwise open outdoor living area. You can do a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion. Whatever your choice, you will have a place you can go to and hide from the sun or the showers. You can opt to exercise your DIY skills when installing the shade structure by buying the materials you need or choose to buy the pavilion or pergola kit to make the work easier. What you set up can house a lounging or dining area or even include a cooking area.

9. Add A Shed

Do not think of a shed as a storage space; it can be used for many other purposed. Yes, you can turn your shed into an excellent hideaway that houses all manner of things and activities. It can be a spa, a gaming room, an office, or even an art studio that give you a superb view and access to the rest of the garden. You can extend the shed with a pergola, deck or terrace to make it part of the backyard.

10. Introduce the Elements

Water features have quickly gained popularity in most outdoor living areas, and the same applies to fire features. People love water because it reflects the sky, generates white noise that has a soothing ambiance, and creates a cooling humidity. As for the fireplaces, people have a thing for them because these features help to warm up spaces, which draws people together.

The two are also significant elements used to promote mediation. You can opt to install a large pool, a small pond, a waterfall, or even a fountain. Fire pits or fireplaces can be of any design and size just a long as they serve their purpose; to warm up people and for toasting marshmallows. Lanterns can also help you achieve the warming effect while aiding with lighting up the outdoor space.

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