Marie Kapetanakis: Natural Skin Care Entrepreneur

As a teenager, Marie Kapetanakis had begun to make beauty concoctions that were inspired by her mum. They both had a profound respect for herbs. A childhood drinking honey and lemon at the first possible indication of a sore throat had taught her that herbs have their place in medicine. She also learned about masks from avocado as well as chamomile and yogurt. She made many facial masks for her friends and lined them all up in a row to apply the yogurt, avocado, honey and oatmeal on their faces.


At 30, Marie found herself married and she had 3 kids. She spent time in her kitchen blending ingredients with rose hips which she would get from Ross Roses. She’d talk about the Rose Hip Oil and learned as much as she could. A fire had been lit and she wanted to learn more and more about herbs and how to use them.

Keep in mind that this was prior to mobile phones as well as the Internet. With a supplier in Chile, Marie was undaunted and still managed to procure what she needed by faxing her orders in. The fax machines back then were at least $1000 but Marie was determined and she learned how to speak Spanish so that she could communicate with her supplier.


In time, Marie began to import barrels of Organic Rosehip Oil and she soon had 4000 bottles. She convinced her husband to sell the car and fund her dream. However, to her credit, she sold each and every bottle of that oil. Today, she’s a successful businesswoman. She was the first person that introduced Rose Hip Oil to Australia. She is gutsy and has a very forward method of thinking that has been a boon to her success. One year later, she was exporting what she’d been previously importing.

Designing the labels all on her own with a counter box, she took her products to pharmacies and even health food stores all over her own state. She had a passion that showed in all that she did. Soon, each supplier that had been given a sample bottle was hooked.

Today, Kosmea continues to grow and thrive. With the motto:”Skin Care As Nature Intended” they continue to challenge the traditional cosmetic industry.

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