Equal Pay for Women 2016

According to a recent report that analysed the gender pay gap, Australian women only earn around 83 cents for each $1 that a man earns.

This report from the recruiting firm Glassdoor, entitled Demystifying the Gender Pay Gap, was based on over 534,000 salary reports that the firm held on pay differences between women and men in countries that included Germany, France, Britain, the United States and Australia.

The results from Australia was based on information from over 4000 local employees salaries. It showed that whenever variables like job title, company, year, location, industry, occupation, experience, education and age, are considered, the adjusted gender pay gap decreases to 3.9 percent from 17.3 percent.

Over 38 percent (one-third) of the unadjusted pay gap can be explained by the differences in the way women and men sort into various industries and occupations with varying degrees of earning potential.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency released figures last year that showed that on average men earn $27,000 more every year than women do. It is estimated that the gender gap in Australia is around 17.9 percent.

There were similar findings in the Glassdoor report, which tracks over 4000 salaries from 1370 employers from the years 2006 to 2015.

Their samples was 23 percent female and 77 percent male. The average age of the individuals included in the survey was 35 years, with work experience of over 6 years.

The average base pay for women was $84,218 and for men it was $99,940. That is equivalent to a $15,722 gender pay gap in base pay between women and men.

The survey from Glassdoor collects base salary information in addition to total compensation. Given that employees have the option to report income from commissions, bonuses, tips and other types of pay, the report stated that these are subject to being under-reported by users and so for that reason base pay was their primary focus.

Overall, the base pay gap between females and females is 17.3, and the gender pay gap for total compensation is 17.8 percent.




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