Strategies for Women to Accelerate their Careers

1. Get as much training and education as possible

The most powerful secret weapon in the arsenal of women is education and we have been planning a sneak attack for the last ten years or more. Most of the college degrees that were awarded in 1975 went to men rather than women. It didn’t matter if the degree was at the doctoral, the first professional, master’s or associate bachelor’s level, this pattern still held true. By the year 2000, this had changed somewhat with a majority of master’s and associate bachelor’s degrees being awarded to women. These figures were provided by the Postsecondary Education Opportunity Research Letter. In addition, the Research Letter reports that at the doctoral and first professional degree levels, the huge gap from 1975 had mainly been closed and by the end of the decade a majority of those degrees would also be awarded to women.

2. Become an Internet Researcher

Throughout most of higher education, women are now in the majority. This also holds true for Internet use with women making up at least 52% of Internet users as noted by Nielsen/Net Ratings. It seems that women also use the Internet more efficiently, It is believed that they don’t “surf” as much because they know what they are looking for ahead of time.

Women have learned how to use the Internet to put the huge amount of information that is available there at their disposal. By 2010, it is believed that there will be 10,000 times more information available than there is today. With those numbers, it goes without saying that knowledge is power and women are positioning themselves well to use the Internet efficiently.

3. Leverage interpersonal and communication skills

There have been several recent studies that have observed the differences in the way women and men communicate and relate to one another in an interpersonal way. This does not mean that women’s methods of communicating are better than those of men but they might be more suited to recent styles of management. There are “feminine attributes” like being good at building relations with customers and open to joint ventures along with partnering with suppliers. These abilities are become much more important in business according to the manager of business development for AOL’s Digital City, Janice Gjertsen.

4. Plan your career

Career planning, which is important for everyone, is especially critical for women because they will often experience more twists and turns as they move along the road to success. It will go better if you have created a road map ahead of time. You will be less like to be derailed if you find that you have a baby, move away with a significant other or find that you have to care for a parent who is elderly.

Make a decision about what you want your career to look like 5, 10 and even 15 years in the future. Then build some flexibility into your plans in cases circumstances change. If you plan this way you will be able to accommodate changes in your life while still sticking to your core life plan.

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